Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

    • A better RO System - innovative design solves most common problems associated with traditional RO systems.
    • Highly Pure Water - its seven stages of filtration and enhancement remove up to 98 percent of chemicals, including chloramine, and other contaminants.
    • Added minerals for great taste - patented Full Contact technology adds calcium and magnesium minerals twice during the purification process.
    • Long lasting and easy change filters - change only once a year or every 2000 gallons; no wrenches required.
    • Faster flow rate - water flows twice as fast compared to traditional RO systems. Made in the USA.

    Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis System with Permeate Pump

    The Home Master Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump Undersink Reverse Osmosis System delivers solutions, not problems. Even the most health conscious individuals will be impressed with its exceptional water purity and added beneficial minerals that produce clean, great-tasting Mineral Water on Tap. The built in non-electric permeate pump will reduce water waste while increasing water production. Home Master’s innovative design eliminates the most common problems like canister filter housing leaks, slow flow rate, high water waste, service challenges, and slightly acidic water. It’s all backed by a five-year limited warranty.

    What makes the Home Master Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump a smarter choice?

    Clean, great-tasting water

    Home Master Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump uses seven stages of filtration, purification and enhancement to remove up to 99% of chloramines, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, dissolved solids, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants.

    All Home Master RO systems use powerful catalytic carbon filtration media in the carbon prefilters to treat the very persistent chemical disinfectant chloramine. Ordinary carbon filters are unable to effectively remove this stubborn contaminant that is now being deployed nationwide to replace chlorine. It takes the more advanced carbon media known as catalytic carbon.

    Modular filter design

    The most significant problem associated with RO systems is the 'canister filter housing' design, where only the filters are changed, and not the filter housings. Sediment, microorganisms, and biofilm can accumulate in the canisters and, over time, the canisters will weaken, begin to leak and ultimately fail. This can potentially lead to serious water damage and costly home repairs.

    Home Master’s innovative filters use a modular ‘all-in-one’ design where the filter is incorporated into the filter housing and the entire filter is disposable. This makes annual filter changes fast and efficient, reduces microorganism and biofilm build-up — and helps to eliminate leaks. Plus, Home Master’s filters last longer than traditional RO systems’ filters — only requiring a filter change once a year or every 2,000 gallons.

    Better water efficiency and a faster flow rate

    Perfect Water Technologies has included a non-electric permeate pump to further improve system efficiency. This device will reduce water waste by up to 80% and increase water production by up to 50%. Plus, it provides slightly cleaner water by eliminating a condition known as 'TDS creep'.

    Home Master Artesian Full Contact comes with Perfect Water Technologies’ Fast Flow RO Kit, which uses larger fittings, tubing and high flow components. Compared to traditional RO systems, Home Master’s Fast Flow RO Kit nearly doubles the water’s flow rate to the faucet.

    Easy change filters

    RO system filter changes require heavy tools and brute force to loosen canisters sealed shut by hardness minerals and contaminants. Home Master Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump makes annual changes easier than ever. Its modular design and push-in fittings secure a quick and painless filter change — no wrenches required.

    Includes all you will need for simple DIY installation

    The perfect choice

    With so many different RO systems, selecting the perfect one can be difficult. Choose the system that produces pure, great-tasting Mineral Water on Tap has a reliable and easy-to-use design and provides a faster flow rate – all while reducing water waste. Order the Home Master Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump today and get the RO system that brings solutions — not problems.

    In the box

    Home Master components included in the design and construction of this product meet or exceed NSF (National Science Foundation) standards for material safety and water purification performance.

    • Fully assembled purification unit which includes the RO membrane and filters
    • Storage tank
    • 3/8-inch feed water adapter with shut off valve
    • Chrome RO faucet
    • RO adapter
    • Drain saddle
    • Instructions
    • Five-year limited warranty
    • Made in the USA

    Product Futures

    Part Number

    Item Weight 14.5 pounds
    Product Dimensions 12 x 16 x 20 inches
    Origin USA
    Item model number TMAFC-ERP
    Style Standard w/ Pump
    Item Package Quantity 1
    Temperature Range 40-100 degrees_fahrenheit
    Spout Height 8.25 inches
    Spout Reach 6 inches
    Batteries Included? No
    Batteries Required? No
    Warranty Description 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects

    Technical Specification

    User Manual [pdf ]

    Warranty & Support

    Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here. [PDF ]



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